City Government
Official seal of the City of Michigan City

The City of Michigan City is governed by a Mayor and nine council members. Six members are elected from wards, and three members are elected at large by the voters of the city. The City Council provides the citizens with a voice and representation on city administration, and serves as the legislative branch of city government while having oversight of the city’s fiscal responsibilities. The Mayor and Council have historically been supportive of tax abatement requests from both existing and new businesses. The City annually contracts with the EDCMC to perform economic development activities on behalf of the city.

Planning Department

The Planning Department is chartered with ensuring an orderly arrangement of overall designs and objectives for new projects within the City. They use various methods for achieving a detailed formulation of a program of action, projecting the realization of achievements in an orderly arrangement for an overall city design or objective.

Zoning Department

The Zoning Department arranges the partitions of the city by ordinance into sections reserved for different purposes (i.e., residential zones for residences, commercial zones for businesses, and industrial zones for manufacturing).

Planning & Redevelopment/ Inspection Department

For more information about the boards and commissions that support these departments, click on the following links:
Planning Commission
Board of Zoning Appeals
Redevelopment Commission
Historic Review Board